Source code for soap

from suds.client import Client
from suds.plugin import MessagePlugin
from suds.cache import FileCache
from .http import HttpTransport
from . import settings
import logging

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

#: Cache of :class:`suds.client.Client <suds.client.Client>` objects
#: When unit-testing SOAP APIs it's probably wise to reset this to an empty
#: dictionary in-between tests.
clients = {}

# Set cache deletion preference
FileCache.remove_default_location_on_exit = settings.REMOVE_CACHE_ON_EXIT

[docs]class LogPlugin(MessagePlugin): """Suds plugin used in DEBUG mode. Logs all incoming and outgoing XML data at the DEBUG level.""" def __init__(self, prefix): self.prefix = prefix
[docs] def sending(self, context): """Called when sending a SOAP request""" logger.debug('%s Request: %s' % (self.prefix, context.envelope))
[docs] def received(self, context): """Called when receiving a SOAP response""" logger.debug('%s Response: %s' % (self.prefix, context.reply))
[docs]def get_transport(): """ Build a new :class:`soap.http.HttpTransport <soap.http.HttpTransport>` object. Unit tests can patch this function to return a custom transport object for the client to use. This can be useful when trying to mock an API rather than actually call it during a test. :return: :class:`soap.http.HttpTransport <soap.http.HttpTransport>` object :rtype: soap.http.HttpTransport """ return HttpTransport()
[docs]def get_client(wsdl, log_prefix, plugins=[], **kwargs): """ Get a SOAP Client object for the given WSDL. Client objects are cached in :attr:`soap.clients <soap.clients>` and keyed by the WSDL URL. :param wsdl: String URL of a SOAP WSDL :param log_prefix: String prefix to prepend to log lines (when logging XML traffic in DEBUG mode) :param plugins: List of additional plugins :class:`suds.plugin.Plugin <suds.plugin.Plugin>` to pass on to the :class:`suds.client.Client <suds.client.Client>` object. :param kwargs: Optional keyword arguments to pass on to the :class:`suds.client.Client <suds.client.Client>` object :return: :class:`suds.client.Client <suds.client.Client>` object :rtype: suds.client.Client """ if wsdl in settings.WSDL_INTERCEPTS: wsdl = settings.WSDL_INTERCEPTS[wsdl] if wsdl not in clients: if settings.DEBUG: plugins.append( LogPlugin(log_prefix) ) try: clients[wsdl] = Client(wsdl, plugins=plugins, transport=get_transport(), **kwargs) except Exception as e: logger.fatal('Failed to create SOAP client with WSDL at %s' % wsdl) raise e return clients[wsdl]