Change Log


  • Fix setuptools / 2to3 issues by switching from suds-jurko to suds-community.


  • Add support for Django 3.2


  • Remove StatsD counters and metrics.


  • Add new setting SOAP_PROXIES, which allows setting Soap proxies per WSDL domain. This allows, for example, using a proxy for requests to, but not using a proxy for requests to

  • Deprecate SOAP_PROXY_URL setting in favor of the new SOAP_PROXIES setting.

  • Change connection pooling behavior.
    • Previously, we used requests.Session to re-use TCP connections between Soap calls.

    • This has been removed due to it causing issues with some Soap servers. A new TCP connection is now created for each request.


  • Add ability to pass in custom plug-ins to the Suds client.


  • Add better documentation

  • Fix bug in soap.tests.SoapTest._build_transport_with_reply which broke SOAP request pass-through for domains not matching the given pattern.


  • Add some better testing tools for consumer code.
    • New class soap.tests.XMLAssertions with methods: assertNodeCount, assertNodeText, assertNodeAttributes. Uses lxml if it is installed, but otherwise falls back to elementree.

    • Class soap.tests.SoapTest now inherits from soap.tests.XMLAssertions

    • Add optional parameter test_request to soap.tests.SoapTest._build_transport_with_reply. Pass in a function to have it called (with the request as a parameter) before the mocked reply is sent. Useful to write unit tests to make sure your SOAP requests are well-formed.


  • Use docker executor for tests.

  • Use versiontag>=1.0.3


  • Updated README


  • Initial release.